Transformer Doors

Transformer doors are designed for security and durability and are manufactured from 1.6mm steel.


The doors are fitted with l00mm heavy duty 4.0mm thick flanged brass hinges.


The doors are finished with a red oxide primer. Galvanised units are cleaned with degreasing solution and finished with a galvanised primer. Doors are not available in hot-dipped galvanised finish.


Doors are fitted with a pull handle, padlatch and barrel bolts to double doors as a standard or other ironmogery as specified.


Louvre vents are lined on the inside with a vermin proof mesh screen.  See table below for different sizes of units and number of vents.


21 kg/m2


Doors and frames will be delivered to site as a unit. When installed by the contractor the door and frame unit must be installed square true and plumb with the door/s in the closed position. The bottom leading edge/s or the door/s must be wedged to support the vertical load of the door on the frame. The wedge/s should not be removed until the brickwork is satisfactory cured.
Transformer door types
815mm x 2030mm Type A With Vent Type AV Fully Louvred AVA
915mm x 2135mm Type B With Vent Type BV Fully Louvred BVA
1220mm x 2135mm Type C With Vent Type CV Fully Louvred CVA
1830mm x 2440mm Type D With Vent Type DV Fully Louvred DVA
1220mm x 2440mm Type F With Vent Type FV Fully Louvred FVA
1830mm x 2135mm Type G With Vent Type GV Fully Louvred GVA
915mm x 2440mm Type H With Vent Type HV Fully Louvred HVA
1525mm x 2135mm Type M With Vent Type MV Fully Louvred MVA
1525mm x 2440mm Type Y With Vent Type YV Fully Louvred YVA
900mm x 747mm Type ALU Four Sided Louvred Vent Four Sided Louvred Vent
Four Sided Louvred Vent Type BLU Four Sided Louvred Vent Four Sided Louvred Vent

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